Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outso Project - Character Design Dev 6 - Texturing

I placed in a base colour on the UVs to get a quick result to begin with and show a finished product. Obviously any further detailing and adjustments to the textures will gradually improve the overall outcome. I think with me, the quality of my work shows with how much time i have spent on it and that would apply to everybody. Because i fell back with time as i had interest in the other projects, i dont think i spent enough time as i would have liked but i still made an effort to put in a few minor details.

Textures were hand painted using the colours from the concept. My normals are dire in terms of cloth folds so I would like to research further into making it look more convincing because it is very important. Finished model is below. I used normal default 3DS Max rendering and Xoliul Shader 2 to display my work.

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