Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outso Project - Character Design Dev 3 - Modelling Head

didn't follow a tutorial as such for this but a more of a speed run-through video of box modelling the head. Pausing every second, I was able to see where to pull out points, add loops, cut in details like the nose, eyes and mouth. While working on this step by step, I learnt a lot about modelling the head and body in general and I began to feel more comfortable as I know where cuts should be placed and exactly how extra loops add extra smoothness and detail. Eye shape, the mouth and the nose can be adjusted to how I like if I want to change them later. Symmetry of course sped up workflow but it is needed to I can attach the half head to the half body, then I can add symmetry to that to carry on.

I made simple eyes from half cut sphere shapes to fit in the head and fit closely around the eyelids.

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