Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outso Project - Character Design Dev 5 - Unwrapping

Model was fully unwrapped quite fast and I am pleased with the outcome. I worked hard to use up as much space as possible for the more important body parts.

My main unwrapping method was to cut seams into the right places around the clothing, pelt map any rounded areas such as the hair, face, hat, top and bottoms to stretch them out. I used relax afterwards to fix up the over stretched polys making the UVs smooth and accurate when painted on which seems to work just fine. The seams i made for the jacket and bottoms were simply cut down her sides like clothes usually can be woven, so before this i separated them into those half and half smoothing groups and when unwrapping, i separated them to have their own space. I would just need to watch out when painting on the textures and make sure the colours are consistent. 

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