Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outso Project - Character Design Dev 4 - Clothing, Hair, Extras, Cleaning up

I completed the body by attaching and welding the hands to the arms and head to the neck then cleaned up and perfected the final shape I wanted the body to be. The methods I used for creating clothes was simply selecting parts of the body such as the legs and waist together and chest and arms together for the shirt and trousers. I duplicated these parts of the mesh and added a shell modifier to them which automatically extrudes out to look like clothing then you need to delete the inside unseen verts and polys. I then added the extra details of frills in the arms and simple planes for the neck frills and red pin. The boots were modelled simply so I had no need to model feet on the body. I created the hat from a cut down sphere as shown in the concept so that I could avoid modelling and attaching the ears for her head because the hat has ear flaps anyway. Working around the head and fitted hat, I made the front streaks of her hair with curves planes and I separately made the bushy part of the hair behind the head, modelling from a cylinder. I made the small pouch to go on her simple waist belt I made, just to separate the body a bit colour wise. I thought the extra straps are unnecessary and I will just add folds in the clothing and the button details on the jacket to finish off ready for unwrapping.

Adding the clothing I realised I passed the 9000 tri budget but to fix this, I can delete unwanted body parts underneath the clothing because the clothes came from the body as it is and those can be rigged as the body. With some characters in games the clothes are a substitute for the body as their clothes do not change at all throughout the whole game so I will go with this to get back below the budget.

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