Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Codies Vehicle Project Dev 5 - Complete

I used xoliul shader as required for this project but i used version 2.0 over 1.6 because i found the layout and functions easier. I learnt a lot within the time of texturing, how to make my own scratches, varied metal effects and specular overlays to get certain sheens, I enjoy using xoliul as you can see your models in real time so you get an idea of how it would look in game better than one shot renders. Overall im pleased with my outcome, there is room for improvement but i can work on that in future.

Instead of experimenting concepts of colours, i decided to finish with a pretty dull grey, hard sharp dangerous metal feel and look, still containing those streamlined futuristic elements but look like it is hard worn and has taken a beating and ramming with its sharp front and side arms and even though it has cannons for long range fire. All textures were hand painted in photoshop. Normals created using Xnormal. I added the cube map to create light blue reflections of the sky and a slight gloss to add a dark shine to the whole vehicle and a bit more to the scratches that show the metal is originally a lighter colour.

The last pic is my edited final, was just a quick one really.

Codies Vehicle Project Dev 4 - Environment

I wanted a simple, easy but convicing environment so i created my own clear daylight skydome then messed around with terrains mimicking the waves of sand dunes using the just the material editor and displace modifier to raise a flat plane mesh into my desired shape. I finished with a clean sandy texture, low specular and slight bump when light shines on it. I imported the sky and terrain into UDK to create a simple cube map so i can could generate reflections to use with xoliul shader when finalising my tank and its textures.

Codies Vehicle Project Dev 3

After pretty much cleaning up my model i was ready for unwrapping, these are the orthographic views on 3ds Max i created in case i wanted to paint over any variation in design or colour.

The problem i came across while unwrapping was, because there are many components to the tank and i used symmetry to create the other half of the tank, i still wanted to UVs to be separate so that i could texture variations on each side rather than symmetrical looking scratches. This left me with limited space on my UV template and you can see the results on my final product that areas that needed more detail actually look more blurry or less detailed than other parts. I could have used my space better in general but i will keep this in mind next time.

Codies Vehicle Project Dev 2

I tried to add extra detail but looking back now, i don't know what i was thinking as parts were unnecessary or too dense and too rounded. If i really wanted to add such detail, i should have added it everywhere and rounded more edges. I did end up keeping a few sections but i also removed  or toned down parts and carried on separating the simple form to get more of a sharp battletank look.

Codies Vehicle Project Dev 1

Early stages of development. Drew a few pictures and layout of how i wanted it but i just went in head on to get started with simple shapes and features to get rolling. Any areas i could add or adjust later depending on time limits. It seems very boxy and sharp but i wanted to keep some of that for a simple streamlined design. I wanted to do this project and focus mainly on the textures as i think the textures make the biggest difference and i personally need to improve myself in that area.

Codemasters Vehicle Project Development

These are the main few inspirational pictures i found to guide me to my final decision to make a futuristic tank. I wanted it to be unique and sleek but have the obvious features of older tanks, like a new generation.