Saturday, 14 April 2012

Personal review of the second year: Where do you want to go, and how do you get there?

Like how I explained in the earlier creativity and talent blog, I think and assess situations very closely; I try to find better, faster, easier ways of doing things and achieving my goals while maintaining a sharp progressive quality. With that in mind, I still find my motivation affects my time management because I sit there knowing what I need to do, it’s just knowing how to start. I get the problem time and time again and it could truly be the end of me if I don't sort this out.

I need to keep telling myself its ok to take risks and start again if I make a mistake. I also need to produce the work required as quick but as efficient as possible so I have the free time to enjoy myself without stressing and to be happy to carry on teaching myself more using 3DS Max, Photoshop and Unreal Editor. Of course I want to learn extras like Zbrush, which I have barely touched during this year and Xnormal, which I only just heard about and have no idea about.

I came to university to fulfil my desire in gaining the skills and knowledge to get me a job in something I have grown up with thanks to the life I have lived and enjoyed. It is an interest and a passion and my life. I can have moments where my imagination goes wild and I think that would be a good idea that would be new and so on. The fact that I reflect on this too much is my weakness; I need to deliver the goods and show that I am talented and unique else I will be all talk and imagination with nothing to display. Planning, concepting and documenting is what I want to work on the most if I make the third year.

What I want to achieve after three years and what do I expect from uni education? The ability to display my skills with problem solving, creation, design, knowledge of 3D modelling software and the ability to concept certain ideas. The biggest one of them all is of course reflecting, problem solving and eventually producing quality products well enough for commercial use in games that I can be proud of. What do I hope to get? A freaking decent job would be a start hah! That is what universities are built for are they not?? The chance to get a job in my field (or similar), excel, improve and move up to higher roles and higher pay so I can live well the rest of my life duh! :)

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