Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Elements of game design, part eight: documentation

With this task I am not sure if I am meant to create a brief set of technical specifications and information on an existing game or a random game made up in our heads. To be slightly daring I will create a small set of specifications based on a pretty generic role playing game as it is my favourite genre and for general purposes to put my point and understanding across. So here goes:

1. Project outline – I want to create a fictional fantasy role playing game that contains close references to real life such as war and politics, city life, love, crime, stereotypes and more. I want a powerful storyline with strong characters you will be able to relate to in real life, showing the traits of a brave protagonist but the weaknesses of somebody na├»ve and unknowledgeable on certain situations. As I want people to perhaps think about and learn from the natural realistic goings on in this fantasy world I want my target audience to be 16+ as things may get a bit harsh and cruel early on to set the bar for the rest of the game’s attitude.

Photoshop will be used for creating wet, street, futuristic environments with loads of lights and edgy mixing styles and visual representations of decided scenes to begin with. 3DS Max will be used to create confirmed assets for specific areas, UDK will be the engine used to create simple block outs for the levels. You will play the game in third person when roaming environments in a fixed camera state. Then when you approach enemies or boss battles, they will play almost like a turn based system but characters and enemies will share an active time bar and will be able to make their move when their icon reaches the end. Role playing elements will make each battle unique and allow you to grow and manipulate the fight as you see fit and active battle sequences during important boss fights will showcase many exciting animations relevant to the scene.

Platforms for the game will be the PS3 and Xbox.

2. Lead character – Xorr (can chage), aged 18 at the beginning but is introduced celebrating his birthday and finally deciding to join the military group (a year late) his mother joined many years ago only to find out why she has been acting strange all of a sudden since current politic choices have made a turn for the worse. It’s been longer than expected since she left for a post she claimed was, “nothing serious” and so on. Like other main characters he will be on average below 10,000 tris including clothing but this may vary as clothing on a character will be open to minor changes as the story progress and characters improve classes. 1024x1024 diffuse, spec, normal and emissive textures. 1 for the character face and body and 1 for every other set of different clothing.

3. NPC – Normal person roaming the streets of the city, who you cannot interact with unless you bump into them, or run into them on other modes of transport.

4. Vehicle – Other modes of transport will be available. Mainly the protagonists main modes of transport which is a futuristic motorcycle almost mimicking heavy metal styles with over exaggerated customisable body parts but real engine, handles, wheels and such. On average 20,000 tris (may increase, decrease due to relevance and usage).

5. Scene – Typical scene is as described before, a wet city scene raining. A sort of city centre with a few dark alleys with limited lighting however the centre will be strongly lit and buildings will tower high with glowing colourful, not exactly but perhaps neon lights advertising restaurants and made-up companies advertising products. Streets will be dirty but not over the top and destroyed as it is being lived in, just hectic and busy usually. For this scene however police have blocked the centre off due to a suspected terrorist attack when it is on fact Xorr’s mother on a top secret mission to infiltrate the leading bank company nearby. Scene will be set at night or perhaps twilight as the sun is just setting and becoming dark.

6. Scenery Objects – Objects in the scene will include trash, bins, floating newspapers, heavy rain, lamp posts and sign and shop shelters dripping, burger stalls and food on the floor, loads and interesting lights placed on buildings which are relied on to light the scene. Fantasy elements come into adverts and unusual building structures and statues and floating magical pieces of “art” to show how rich the city is and show off its attractions that attract tourists. A mixture of Japanese writing, English and other languages will slide across banners to welcome everybody. Ideas currently open to change.

So that is my small, brief take on an idea I have had going through my head for ages hoping that it has some professional technical relevance to the main task at hand. This could perhaps be my final FMP if im lucky to make to the third year haha. Couldn’t find much in terms of professional examples to get ideas from but if I find any I may change things a little bit or just post the references later.

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