Friday, 1 April 2011

Computer Game History: Kane Limited Edition (1995-2011)

I first have to put out here that, among everything, I am a hardcore gamer and I cannot last a week without some sort of gaming fix like I’m sure many of us do. Of course I’m not an antisocial recluse but I can spend hours hooked into a game forgetting to eat and playing into the night. I still owned lots of toys and had time to play out with my mates during school and holidays. I blame my dad for getting me into computer games. Apparently my parents told me I began playing games since the age of 5. I honestly cannot remember my first game though, however I believe the first console I owned was a Sega Megadrive. From there the craze begins and, believe me, we never missed a console after that.

As a wild guess I would say perhaps my first ever game played on Megadrive was sonic but if my dad had a console or a game that I didn’t, he would let me have a go. I fell in love with sonic and the series onwards and that developed my love for 2d side-scrollers. So while my dad owned the half dead commodore and last legs Atari, I played whatever game he threw at me. By time the GameBoy and orignal Nintendo released, I grew a habit of diving straight into a game without reading insctructions or speech in games. I was told off when the family sat down in the living room to me playing some old classic NES RPG with loads of text and I just kept pressing  to skip.

New consoles began to release, I can’t remember the order but we owned a Super Nintendo,  Playstation fat and slim, Sega Saturn, a personal big time favourite of mine, Game Boy Advance (and all of its different re-releases), Dreamcast, N64 with expansion pack, Playstation 2 fat and slim, Xbox normal and crystal, Gamecube, neo geo, n-gage, Nintendo DS (and all of its different re-releases), PSP,  Wii, Xbox 360 old and slim, PS3, iPod and now currently my dad owns a 3DS.

Back to life at home however, my dad (besides fishing) loved the video game culture and whatever released, news in other parts of the world and so on. He literally bought (and still buys today) stacks and stacks of games magazines and of course, having got me into games, he would let me borrow the magazines or he would be constantly talking to me about current news or the next new game that is releasing and that he really wants it. The part of the past I regret is the fact that, we are not rich so we traded a hell of a lot, meaning we didn’t have all the consoles at once, like some game freaks do. We wanted to stay up to date even if it was to get a new colour xbox and such.

By time I was at secondary school, I began to take my own path as I received money rather than just had games bought for me. PS2, gamecube and Gameboy advance was booming at this time, say around 2005 and due to my dad’s interests and my own developing interests became an RPG freak, from pokemon to final fantasy and this was for life.

At this time I also saved up and bought my own pc not only to do work but for gaming of course but since I didn’t buy I gaming pc, I ended up buying the parts separately and was forced to build a new pc up from scratch. It was I little phase I had wanting a current gen gaming pc in a stylish case with a side window and blue neon lights (I will proved a photo in due course). Once the hassle of gaining an internet service provider, the first game I played was guild wars with a close friend of mine I knew since primary school, and me must have played almost 1000 hours sucking it dry. Before internet however, I enjoyed games such as neverwinter nights and warcraft.

Moving into the current era, I moved away from pc gaming as technology developed too swiftly and high end graphics cards began to become too expensive and my processor was and still is having nervous breakdowns every now and then. It is currently xbox 360, Nintendo ds, PSP and finally the PS3 I am deeply into and with the introduction to achievements and trophys on the big consoles I have become what you call an achievement whore. I think it is not only a brilliant sales idea, but it urges gamers to appreciate games a lot more and get their money out of it but that is for another blog entry.

I wish I could mention more and I’m sure I have missed a lot out so maybe I can make an extended version. I will definitely create a list of the most iconic and memorable classic games I have played in a future blog mainly for personal record and out of reader interest. I think I will stop right here but say this is the most enjoyable blog I have written so far :D Until next time.

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